Here's an unusual story:a diamond ring was recently found in an egg. The magician,Liu Qian,discovered it,in front of an audience of millions at CCTV's Spring Festival Gala. Liu's magic tricks have made the centuries­old art of magic fashionable once again,and made him the hottest magician in China.

As a seasoned young magician from Taiwan,Liu is popular worldwide for his magic shows. Countries he has performed in include the United States,Japan,South Korea and the UK.

Witnessing something impossible happen right before your eyes is the root of people's love for magic.

Liu is known for his interaction (互动) with his audiences. He has a unique understanding of showmanship (演出技巧).

“It's actually thinking rather than one's manipulation (操作) skills that is more important to achieving a successful magic show. We think carefully about how to design the shows creatively,to make them appear more interesting.”Liu said.

Liu Qian's success dated back to his childhood. Born in 1976 in Taiwan,he found himself attracted to a magic toy in a shop when he was seven years old. At the age of 12,he won Taiwan's Youth Magic Contest,which was judged by the great American magician,David Copperfield.

Yet,Liu never planned on becoming a professional magician. He studied Japanese literature at university and only hoped to be an amateur (业余的) magician in his spare time. However,his failure to find a proper job after graduation pushed him towards magic as a career.

To refine his performing skills,he has performed on streets,roads and fields for passers­by,policemen and farmers.

“Street shows are the biggest challenge for us magicians. We have to deal with unexpected situations and tough crowds,”Liu said.

1.The story is about ________.

A.Liu Qian's experiences of becoming a great magician

B.why people love magic

C.what magic tricks are fashionable magic is

2.People love to watch magic because ________.

A.they can't figure out the secret of magic makes them happy

C.they love watching magicians make something impossible happen is a centuries­old art

3.Which of the following is the key reason that Liu Qian decided to make magic his career?

A.He was interested in magic when he was young.

B.He had won Taiwan's Youth Magic Contest.

C.He became an amateur magician in his spare time.

D.He couldn't find an acceptable job after graduation.

4.From the story we know that ________.

A.Liu Qian competed in many magic competitions

B.Liu Qian often invites audiences to be in his magic show

C.Liu Qian performs on streets in order to increase his fame

D.Liu Qian does street show to make money













1.1答案 A [主旨大意题。从全文看,本文主要介绍了刘谦成为非常受欢迎的魔术师的人生经历,故选A。]

2.1答案 C [细节理解题。第三段表明人们喜欢魔术的根本原因在于它能让人们看到不可能发生的事情,所以C项正确。]

3.1答案 D [细节理解题。根据倒数第三段的his failure to find a proper job after graduation pushed him towards magic as a career.可知答案。]

4.1答案 B [推理判断题。第四段的Liu is known for his interaction with his audiences.说明刘谦经常和观众进行互动。]