Tom is an easy-going person; as______ consequence, it is easy to make _______ friend(s) with him.

A. a; the B. a; / C. the; a D. the; /



I______of your trying to earn some money, but please don’t ignore your studies.

A. Support         B. agree            C.disagree       D. approve



The BRICS countries have____ to be a source of global economic development and essential to generations.

A. turned out    B.picked out    C. put out    D. taken out



Hardly ______ his speech ______ the audience started cheering.

A. did he finish; than            B. does he finish; before

C. has he finished; while         D. had he finished; when



Finding her car stolen, ______ .

A. a policeman was asked to help  

B. she hurried to a policeman for help

C. the area was searching thoroughly  

D. it was looked for everywhere



______ for the free tickets, I would not have gone to the films so often.

A. If it is not                  B. Were it not  

C. Had it not been           D. If they were not



They’ll be here soon. ______ we’ll have some coffee.

A. Moreover   B. However   C. Otherwise   D. Meanwhile 



As we know, adults are not ______ ; they do not move comfortably to another place.

A. flexible   B. reliable   C. intelligent   D. convenient   



Some people’s lack of basic morals is turning our society into one ______ those in need will be unable to expect help from others.

A. which       B. what        C. where       D. that    



--- Shall we go to the art exhibition right away?


A. It’s your opinion            B. I don’t mind 

C. It’s all up to you            D. That’s your decision      



______ I always felt I would pass the exam, I never thought I would get an A.

A. While      B. Once       C. If       D. Until    



_____is our belief that improvements in health care will lead to a stronger , more prosperous economy.

A. As            B. It         C. This               D. That



---- Am I bothering you, Black?

   ---- No. ______ , I like you to be with me.

A. On the other hand            B. In a word   

C. For one thing                 D. On the contrary    



From his ______ look, we could see the boy was ______ of the     stranger.

A. terrified; terrified             B. terrifying; terrifying

C. terrifying; terrified            D. terrified; terrifying       



The manager_____ the workers how to improve the program since 9 a.m.

A. has told   telling          C.has been telling        D.will have told







   注意:1. 每处错误仅限1词;    

         2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。   

     3. 在答题纸上作答。

     A few months after returning the US from Germany, I took part in a college course in French. Since I have learned to speak German well in Germany, I thought that it might be interested to begin studying another language. At the first class, a teacher asked us to do a pronunciation exercise, in which he would say a word or two in French, and each student would do their best to copy. When he got to me, he kept having me to say more words, but I finally asked him why. "I find it great funs. It's the first time I've heard an American speak French in a German accent." he explained it.              




Dream is a semi-conscious state where we have absolutely no control over our thoughts and expressions.  {@answer}1.{@answer} Maybe the answer is "yes", but it may be "No".

Research proves that all of us dream at least twice or more in our sleep though we may not remember when we get up.  {@answer}2.{@answer} Within 10 minutes, almost all dreams are forgotten.

People who are blind from birth dream, too. {@answer}3.{@answer} During Roman era some dreams were even discussed and interpreted in the senate as the dream was considered to be a God sent message for the mankind. Clear dreams are considered those dreams where persons can take full or partial control of their dreams.

{@answer}4.{@answer} Writing down and keeping track of your dreams is very important. Second thing is noticing signs or triggers (刺激物) that can help us stay aware that we are in dreaming state. Once we start dreaming clearly we could control the imaginary experiences in the dream environment. {@answer}5.{@answer} An interesting fact is that our body is paralyzed(不动弹)during our sleep probably to prevent the body from acting out dreams.

A. In 5 minutes of waking, half of our dream is forgotten.

B. It is just that the dreams of these individuals are formed by other senses such as the touch, smell, sound and C. taste.

C. The content and purpose of dreams are not fully understood.

D. Most important fact in order to be aware that we are dreaming is practice.

E. Do you know that most of us spend six years or more of our lifetime dreaming?

F. This is extremely important for people that have nightmares.

G. This means that the brain mainly works with signals from itself.









Dear Jenny,

How nice it is to hear from you! In your letter you asked me how to keep healthy. Here is my advice.





                                                Li Hua



Several years ago, while attending a communication course, I experienced a most unusual process. The instructor asked us to list {@answer}{@answer}{@answer} in our past that we felt {@answer}{@answer}{@answer} of, regretted, or incomplete about and read our lists aloud.

This seemed like a very {@answer} process, but there’ s always some {@answer}{@answer}{@answer} soul in the crowd who will volunteer. The instructor then {@answer}{@answer}{@answer} that we find ways to {@answer}{@answer}{@answer} people, or take some action to right any wrong doings. I was seriously wondering how this could ever {@answer}{@answer}{@answer} my communication.

Then the man next to me raised his hand and volunteered this story: “Making my {@answer}{@answer}{@answer} , I remembered an incident from high school. I grew up in a small town. There was a Sheriff {@answer}{@answer}{@answer} of us kids liked. One night, my two buddies and I decided to play a {@answer}{@answer}{@answer} on him.

After drinking a few beers, we climbed the tall water tank in the middle of the town, and wrote on the tank in bright red paint: Sheriff Brown is a s.o.b.(畜生). The next day, almost the whole town saw our glorious {@answer}{@answer}{@answer} . Within two hours, Sheriff Brown had us in his office. My friends told the truth but I lied. No one {@answer}{@answer}{@answer} found out.”

“Nearly 20 years later, Sheriff Brown’s name {@answer}{@answer}{@answer} on my list. I didn’t even know if he was still {@answer}{@answer}{@answer} . Last weekend, I dialed the information in my hometown and found there was a Roger Brown still listed. I tried his number. After a few {@answer}{@answer}{@answer} , I heard, “Hello?” I said, “Sheriff Brown?” Paused. “Yes.” “Well, this is Jimmy Calkins.”

“And I want you to know that I did it.” Paused. “I knew it!” he yelled back. We had a good laugh and a {@answer}{@answer}{@answer} discussion. His closing words were: “Jimmy, I always felt bad for you {@answer}{@answer}{@answer} your buddies got it off their chest, but you were carrying it {@answer}{@answer}{@answer} all these years. I want to thank you for calling me...for your sake.”

Jimmy inspired me to {@answer}{@answer}{@answer} all 101 items on my list within two years, and I always remember what I learned from the course: It’s never too late to {@answer}{@answer}{@answer} the past wrongdoings.

1.A. something   B. anything  C. somebody  D. anybody

2.A. ashamed   B. afraid      C. sure      D. proud

3.A. private   B. secret     C. interesting  D. funny

4.A. foolish   B. polite     C. simple       D. brave

5.A. expected   B. suggested  C. ordered      D. demanded

6.Aconnect withBdepend on Cmake apologise toDget along with

7.AimproveBcontinueCrealize Dkeep




11.A. view      B. sign      C. attention  D. remark

12.A. also      B. even      C. still      D. ever

13.A. appears   B. considers   C. presents  D. remembers

14.A. angry      B. happy      C. doubtful  D. alive

15.A. words      B. rings      C. repeats      D. calls

16.A. cold      B. plain      C. nervous   D. lively

17.A. in case   B. so long as  C. unless      D. because

18.A. around   B. out      C. on          D. away

19.A. build up   B. make up   C. clear up   D. give up

20.A. regret      B. forgive   C. right      D. punish



I was very sympathetic with world leaders burdened with resolving conflicts between nations. When my three children were young, in most days it was hard to keep my house from becoming a war zone. It got worse as they grew older. Three years ago, Zack, then 16, couldn’t make it through a day without playing tricks on his sisters, Alex and Taryn, then 11 and 9.

    My husband and I tried to understand his adolescent moodiness. We begged, reasoned, punished, and left heartfelt notes on his bed about how his behavior was hurting our family. His response was a shrug and “I say it because it’s true”.

I even tried telling the girls to fight back. But it was a bad idea. Now I had three kids at war. At wit’s end, I poured my heart out to my sister in an e-mail. She wrote back, “Don’t e-mail me. E-mail him.”

Our son was online every day, mailing and instantly messaging his friends. So what if I was within shouting distance? Maybe he would actually hear me this way. There’d be no yelling or door slamming(猛然关闭). Zack wouldn’t feel under attack. And with a few simple keystrokes, he could respond. Or not. Zack didn’t reply for days. When he finally did, his entire message was four words. I expected the worst, but then smiled when I read them, ”You are right. I’m sorry.” The kids still fought, of course, but Zack scaled back the abuse (恶习). Best of all, I now have an effective way to communicate with not one but three easily annoyed teens. They don’t tune me out as much. They don’t like to listen to me nag (唠叨) .Or as Alex says, “You’re so much nicer online.”

All I know is that the house is quiet, and we’re talking. In fact, Taryn just instantly messaged me from upstairs. It’s time to take her to softball practice.

1.The purpose of this passage is to tell us _________ .

A. how to solve family problems

B. how a mother shows her love to her children

C. how to treat kids in a more sensible way 

D. the value of understanding between parents and children

2.By the first sentence of the passage, the author really means to be_______.

A.humourous             B.sympathetic      C.serious      D.inspiring

3.How did Zack react when the author first tried to stop his bad behavior

A. He was annoyed and got worse.

B. He talked back to the author.

C. He felt sorry and changed.

D. He was persuaded and acted politely.

4.Zack stopped fighting with his sisters because _________ .

A. his mother learned how to mail him

B. his mother stopped yelling and nagging

C. his sisters learned to instantly message him

D. his mother had more friendly communications with him online