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_____ a bookread (read)08:00 a.m._______ geographystudied (study)09:00 a.m.cleaned _______ the room (clean)10:00 a.m._______ soccerplayed (play)11:00 a.m._____ lunchhad (have)12:00 a.m.______ the pianoplayed (play)13:00 p.m.Hi! Friends!!!________ friendsvisited (visit)14:00 p.m.________ dinnercooked (cook)17:00 p.m.________ TVwatched (watch)18:00 p.m.______ to the movieswent (go)19:00 p.m._______ a letter to Nemowrote (write)21:00 p.m.1a Here are some things that Sally and Jim did yesterday. Match the activities with the pictures.1. ____ sang and played the guitar2. ____ studied for a test3. ____ had dinner with friends4. ____ went to the library5. ____ flew a kite 6. ____ swam in a swimming pooldcfeab1b Do you think the activities in 1a are fun? Draw a happy face ( )or an unhappy face( ) under each picture.Sally Jimdid her homework1c Listen. What did Sally and Jim do last weekend? Complete the chart.studied for a testwent to the librarysang and played the guitarflew a kite in the parkhad dinner with his friendsWhat did they do? How was their weekend?played computer games for 24 hoursplayed cardsdrank winesmokedIt was not good. It’s unhealthy (不健康的).How was their weekend?2a What kinds of animals are people sometimes afraid of? Why? Make a list.crocodile ['krɒkədail] 鳄鱼 lizard ['lizəd]蜥蜴 whale 鲸鱼 snake 蛇 tiger 老虎 lion 狮子 hippopotamus [hipə'pɒtəməs] 河马 rhinoceros [rai'nɒsərəs] 犀牛 2b Read about Lisa’s weekend and answer the questions. 1. How was Lisa’s weekend? 2. Where did Lisa and her family go last weekend? 3. How did Lisa feel when she saw the snake? 4. What did Lisa and her sister do? 5. What did their parents do? Why did they do that? 6. What lesson did Lisa learn from the weekend?1.How was Lisa’s weekend?2. Where did Lisa and her family go last weekend?3. How did Lisa feel when she saw the snake?It was interesting but scary.They went to a small village in India.She was so scared that she couldn’t move.4. What did Lisa and her sister do?5. What did their parents do? Why did they do that?6. What lesson did Lisa learn from the weekend?They shouted to their parents.Her father jumped up and down to scare the snake.Don’t go near snakes./ Snakes can’t hear but they can feel movements.____ snake went into the forest____ put up our tests and cooked food____ learned a useful lesson____ saw a snake and shouted to parents for help____ snakes can’t hear but can feel things moving____ my dad jumped up and down in his tent ____ took a bus to a small village in India____ told stories under the moon, then went to sleep123456782c Put the phrases in order according to the passage. Then use them to retell the story.1.fly a kite/fly kites放风筝fly在此作及物动词,意为“放(风筝等)”。 eg:Children like flying kites in spring.在春天孩子们喜欢放风筝。【拓展】①fly作不及物动词,意为“飞,飞行”。 eg:Birds fly in the sky.鸟在空中飞行。②fly作不及物动词,还可意为“乘(飞机)”。 fly to...意为“乘飞机去……”。 eg:Sometimes they fly to Shanghai.有时他们乘飞机去上海。③fly还可作可数名词,意为“苍蝇”。2. As a special gift, our parents took us to India. 1) 此处介词as 表示“作为……; 当作……”,其后可以接职业,用途,特点等。用在句首时,这种短语的后面往往有逗号与语句的主体隔开。 例如:As a student, I must work hard. 作为一名学生,我必须努力学习。 2) 本句中动词take 表示“带领”,take … to …表示“带领某人去某处”。例如:On Sundays, the father would take his son to the park. 一到星期天,爸爸便会带他的儿子去公园。 辨析: bring, take, carry, fetch bring 意为“拿来,带来”,表示“拿到靠说话人近的地方”。 take 意为“拿走,带走”,表示“拿到远离说话人远的地方”。 carry 意为“扛,搬”,用力移动,没有方向性。 fetch 意为“去取,去拿”表示往返拿物。3. On the first night, … 在头一天夜里,…… 英语中表示一天中的时间分别采用at night (在夜里)、in the morning (在上午)、in the evening (在下午)等,但表示“在某一天上午、下午或晚上等”的特定时间,往往使用介词on。 例如: On the early morning of November 20th, we got a special postcard. 在11月20号一大清早,我们收到了一张特殊的明信片。 4. But I was so tired that I went to sleep early. 我很累以至于很早就睡觉了。so...that...“如此……以至于……”。so为副词,后跟形容词或副词;that引导一个表示结果的状语从句。eg:She was so happy that she jumped. 她是如此的高兴以至于跳了起来。【拓展】①so that连在一起,意为“以便;为了”,引导目的状语从句。②too...to意为“太……不能……”。too为副词,后跟形容词或副词;to引出不定式,在不定式前还可由for引出其逻辑主语。【注意】当that引导的从句为否定式且从句主语与主句的主语相同时,so...that可转换为too...to结构;若从句主语与主句主语不相同时,so...that可转换为too...for sb. to结构。eg:He is so young that he can't go to school. =He is too young to go to school. The box is so heavy that he can't carry it. =The box is too heavy for him to carry.5. … we saw a big snake sleeping near the fire. 英语中表示感官的动词,例如see, hear, feel 等动词后可以接动词-ing 短语,表示“看见、听到、觉得某人或物在做……(某事)”。 I can hear the children singing in the classroom. 我能听见孩子们在教室里唱歌。 【2012贵州黔东南州】 When I passed the classroom, I heard a girl ______ in it. A. sing B. losing C. sang D. singing【答案】D【2012江苏盐城】—Is Tom in the next room?— Well, it’s hard to say. But I heard him ____ loudly when I passed by just now. A. speak B. to speak C. spoken D. speaking【答案】D一、根据句意及汉语提示写单词。 1.My grandpa's left ____ (耳朵) is not very good. 2.I saw Alan walk _____(进入) his office. 3.I _______ (开始) to learn English at the age of five. 4._________ (蛇) don't have legs. 5.This boy comes from ______ (印度).二、根据句意及首字母提示写单词。 6.I lost my keys two days a_____. 7.The m______ goes around the earth (地球). 8.I am a student and I study in a h_____ school now. 9.The box is so heavy that the boy can't m______ it. 10.There are many kinds of animals living in the f______.earintobeganSnakesIndiagooonhighoveorest三、单项选择。( )11.Mr. Brown flew to New York two days ________. A. before  B.ago   C.yet   D.after( )12.I saw a cat ________ with a ball in the living room just now. A. to play B.played C.plays D.playing( )13.—Who ________ this morning,Kate? —My mother. A. woke you up B.woke up you C. wakes you up D.wakes up you( )14.—Don't ________ me!I can hear you. —Sorry. A. worry about B.shout to C.think of D.run awayBDAB( )15.I want to go to the ________ to read some books. A.library  B.farm  C.cinema  D.hospital( )16.—Did you ride a horse yesterday? —________.But Paul did. A.Yes,I did B.Not really C.No really D.Sounds good( )17.Lucy usually ________ the guitar before dinner.But yesterday she ________ it after dinner. A.plays;played B.played;plays C.plays;plays D.played;playedABA( )18.Did you do ________ last weekend,Yang Fang? A.something interesting B.interesting anything C.anything interesting D.interesting something( )19.It's very hot.Let's go ________ in the ________ pool. A.swim;swimming B.swimming;swimming C.swimming;swim D.swim;swim( )20.Nick was ________ shy ________ he couldn't speak in front of his new classmates. A.very;that B.really;that C.so;that D.so;andCCB四、根据汉语意思完成下列句子翻译。21.我刚才在放风筝。 I _______ _____ _______ just now.22.谁看望了我的姐姐? ________ _________ my sister?23.昨天他和他朋友一起吃的晚饭。 Yesterday he ___________ ________ ________ his friends.24.魏申正在房间里为考试而学习。 Wei Shen _____ ____________ ______ a test in his room.25.在杰克的生日聚会上,他又唱歌又跳舞。 At Jack's birthday party,he _______ and _________.flew a kiteWho visitedhad/ate dinner withis studying forsang danced26.我可以教你搭帐篷。 I can teach you to ____ ___ a tent.27.看到那条蛇的时候,我们都很吃惊。 When we saw the snake,we all _____ ___ ________.28.我妹妹喜欢在沙发上跳上跳下。 My sister likes to jump ____ _____ _______ on the sofa.29.你们必须互相帮助才能完成这项工作。 You have to help ________ ________ to finish the work.30.十年前我奶奶在农村生火做饭。 My grandma _______ ____ ______ to cook dinner in the countryside ten years ago.put upgot a surpriseup and downeach othermade a fire1. Do the other exercises. 查看更多

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